Radio-ready singles, full albums, live sessions, demos...this is what we do.

I'm a versatile and musical producer/engineer experienced in recording and producing many genres, from hard rock, to folk and much else in between.  

I love to work with people who are looking to collaborate with the producer on an artistic level, and who are striving to push sonic boundaries.

i firmly believe that it's important to build a record up on strong foundations, and so I aim to meticulously cultivate the right sounds at the source, before anything hits tape. the idea of recording any old thing, with a view to shaping it later, tends to turn me off. 

Some of my favourite sessions have been with Sylvia Massey
Bite the buffalo, sleeptalking, The St Pierre Snake invasion.

Tracks recorded at Coach House have been played on mainstream radio including BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6.

For a full look at our live session archive, head to the coach house live page.

The Plainviews - Bladerunner

Lespectre - thirty fathoms deep


The Little unsaid - where there's smoke

Jim Ghedi - Phoenix Works


Wille and the Bandits

Bite the Buffalo - Keys to the Coffin (live session)

No overdubs! completely live recording of Bite the buffalo's coach house session. recorded/mixed/filmed by coach house.

Dragoman - Broken Toys Song

Coach House Playlist

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