The Gear

I've collected a large amount of weird and wonderful gear and instruments, including analogue mixers, reel-to-reel tape machines, and pre amps. 


Console 1 - TL Audio m4 - 24-channel analogue, valve Desk

Console 2 - Wem Audiomaster MKII - a nine-channel, all analogue mixer. Great for interesting, vintage drum sounds etc. 

TapeAkai 4000DS 4-track tape recorder, Grundig 4-track tape recorder 


Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton and countless plugins 



DBX 266 xs stereo compressor

Focusrite Saffire 

Focusrite Octopre MKII pre amp 

Golden Age Pre 73 pre amp 

Warm Audio WA76 compressor 


Great British Spring spring reverb unit


AKG C414 


AKG D112 (Numerous) 


AKG c391 b

Aston Spirit


Golden AGE F3


Grundig tape mic


Rode NT1a (pair)


Rode NT55 (pair) 

Sabo handheld lofi mic 

Shure SM57 (numerous) 

Shure SM58 (numerous) 

SE Electronics R1 ribbon 


Tannoy ribbon

Wasaphone MKII 

Wasaphone Signalman 

Wasaphone Pipe and Slippers 

Wasaphone Big Boy MKII 

Western Electrics 630 'Eight Ball' 


Plenty of quirky, all-valve amps including Budda, Dirty Girl, Supro etc. 


strings - guitars, lapsteel, banjo, violin

Piano - beautiful Kemble upright with the warmest tone going

synths - MOOG SUBSEQUENT 37 analogue synth, Yamaha DX-7, Roland D-10, Casio sk-1

Harmonium - an amazing vintage Esty organ

Drums - various kits

Miscellaneous - percussion, gusli, jaw harp etc.



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