Sylvia Massy (TOOL, Prince, Johnny Cash)

the heroin of creative sound-production, sylvia massey chose coach house to record bristol synth-maniacs mutant-thoughts. it was a wonderful session, full of experimentation (as you would expect). 

sylvia really enjoyed her session with us, and (the one thing i remember her saying is "The TL Audio tube console sounds great!".

as the console is the beating heart of the studio, it was very nice to hear. 


I had the pleasure of working with idles' adam devonshire and jon beavis, and st pierre snake invasion's damien sayell on the debut plainviews album, 'a millions different ways of saying nothing at all'. the album was tracked live, over two days and was a real blast. 

"Great sounding room. Drums sounded massive, great mic choices and Tom was a delight to work with. Would definitely record here again."

ON THE ALBUM, LOUDER THAN WAR SAID, '"The Plainviews come with a pedigree and background that is steeped in hardcore, noise, rhythm, punk, dissonance, discord, fun and love, and they perfectly traverse that tightrope of absolute earnestness and humouR...seriously good."


undoubtedly one of bristol's most important artists, ngaio specialises in mercilessly dissecting rotten social views with vim and élan, dragging issues of racism and sexism under the microscope. visceral and often heart-wrenching lyrics are set against thumping, gritty instrumentation and influenced by african music, jazz and blues. it was a real joy to be involved with. 


"I worked with Tom at Coach House Studios on my recent EP with Saffron Records and he went above and beyond to help me actualise the sounds that were in my head and translate them onto a track. It makes such a difference having a multi-instrumentalist to develop music with who is also incredibly musically diverse. From the start of the project to the end Tom was a joy to work with, offering up suggestions and being totally open to collaboration from the song structure to the recording (the studio itself is very well equipped with a very relaxing feel about it, encouraging experimentation) to the actual mixing of the tracks. I cannot recommend Tom and Coach House Studios enough - no money was ever better spent."

John E Vistic

mr vistic recently brought his tight, slamming band down to coach house to record their forthcoming album, moronic inferno. an accomplished rabble, the band featured graham dalzell (bass/vocals), Rob Norbury (guitar) and dan clibery (drums). John very kindly answered a few questions about the tracking / mixing processes and their experiences at coach house during such a creative time. 

Was your vision realised? "Yes!"


What did working with Tom at Coach House bring to the project? "It was a relief working with Tom. He's great to work with - hard working, straight talking, musically knowledgeable, not annoying, enjoyed being in his studio, and working with him. SOLID!"


Was it a pleasant recording experience? "yes. as above. great to work with someone whom all the band liked and respected."

Any nice words to say about the production? "I really like it. the album Basically sounds how we imagined. (Though I forgot to put in some parts I only remembered afterwards. My fault!). We're already working on another album together, and I have recommended him to other bands I know. The mixing process was particularly good for me - a process which is always difficult, but I found Tom responsive and hard working, as well as offering useful aesthetic opinions and adding interesting mix ideas and musical parts (cool synths for example on Sublime Architecture of death)...


ALl in all, highly recommended!"

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